Random thought of the day...

As most programmers, I see tendencies of over optimism in myself. Yet Mike Judge's Idiocracy seems like a strange window into the future. Part of me thinks that government should include an open source heuristic computer simulation doing minimax on wealth creation(aka technology) and personal well-being to aide in decision making.

I suggest a new field of research: Computer Aided Government (CAG). How can we wire sensors and algorithms into society to enable us to make optimized decisions? How can we use game theory, statistics, Bayes' Theorem, simulation, sensors, neural nets, etc. to improve the human condition? I think IBM is on to something big with their Smarter Planet initiative.

Smarter Planet

And just to reel it in if you think I'm bat shit insane, think that the current best forms of government were originated over 300 years ago if not earlier. This was before many forms of computation and logic had been explored and applied. Surely technology can improve this field as it has for nearly every other facet of life. I think open source computer scientists can step up in a big way here. Research in the field could affect billions to come.

Think on it and comment.


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