I've always been a fan of Palm hardware, and even had a soft spot for PalmOS until it was left to rot for so long.

Indeed, my Palm 800w is a fine piece of hardware even though it was quickly eclipsed by the Treo Pro, but Windows Mobile has been really painful. It is slow, bloated, and crashes frequently. It has zero intuition and single-handed operation is out of the question. Worst of all, there seems to be a lack of useful or quality apps that were abundant in PalmOS. I am a bit mad that I paid $500 for such a lemon.

Enter the Pre, which looks like just the thing to get me back on board with Palm and get them back in the game.

The hardware design looks beautiful, giving a large screen but keeping the tactile and speed of a keyboard (this is the iPhone's biggest weak spot IMHO). It looks like typical form factor for this style of phone, similar to the new Blackberry, so nothing earth shattering there, but the OS looks top notch and is based on Linux. I think if Palm is able to deliver, they will once again be competitive, and they will keep me as a customer.

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