There is definitely a problem in Windows 7 RTM with the "Black Screen of Death" despite MS propaganda stating otherwise. This one has nothing to do with 3rd party antivirus software.

The particular problem I am having and see lots of reports on forums is that the backlight is not turning on after an LCD DPMS standby. What's particularly bad is that some people are blaming their hardware and buying new inverters for their displays. My problematic system dual boots Arch Linux and no amount of LCD power on/off sequences will trigger this in Arch.

I suspect though cannot easily prove that the symptoms came after recent "security patches". No MS, I don't have any virus scanners installed so blaming others isn't going to cut it. It has gotten particularly bad in my case after the most recent Patch Tuesday.

I can trigger it readily with my LCDoff utility, though it will also happen organically with Windows' automatic power management.

The question is, to whom or how do I report this? I don't want to be told condescending things by a support drone. With FOSS, I have clear and easy communications with developers. I'm not aware of an easy way to get that level of interaction from MS.

So, Microsoft, I invite YOUto contact ME if you want to take care of this bug on an easy to reproduce testcase.


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