I spent some time converting my Wordpress blog over to Pelican. Overall, it wasn't effortless and required quite a lot of manual clean up of links and images. But, I'm a pack rat and want to preserve my writings even if they are dated or silly now, so I pressed on.

But it's for the better. It's very comforting to ditch the massive security vulnerability of Wordpress. I no longer have any MySQL apps on any of my servers which makes administration simpler with just Postgres.

Static blog generators seem so blindingly obvious in retrospect.

I migrated comments to Disqus, which I'm more ambivalent about. On one hand, dealing with spam is tough and outsourcing basic protection is nice. On the other, I'm a fan of self-hosting and self-sufficent systems.
Disqus could become undesirable at any point in time. With an export, it wouldn't be too much effort to self-host those again though.

Speaking of retrospect, I launched this blog over seven years ago. Crazy how time flies.

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